Owner Jason Perry, former NFL player and NCAA All-American Track & Field athlete, has been a professional trainer for over 10 years. After being sidelined due to injury, he became a certified trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been chasing fitness ever since.

Chasing Fitness—a private personal training gym designed to achieve your fitness goals. A regular, customized, workout regimen is established to meet your workout needs and to maintain consistent fitness.

  • Each workout will:

     ‣ Help you accomplish the maximum amount of work in your hour appointment
     ‣ Challenge and improve your fitness level with a consistent but variable workout regimen

  • You will see and feel positive results by:

     ‣ Following your recommended meals and training to help improve the way you feel
     ‣ Changing your body image and improving your health, through consistent exercise

  • Everyone deserves a training program that:

     ‣ Meets their individual needs
     ‣ Encourages adherence
     ‣ Teaches sound nutritional habits
     ‣ Helps build self confidence

  • Male and female clients include:

     ‣ Youth, ages 8-17
     ‣ Professional athletes
     ‣ Pre-surgery clients
     ‣ Post-injury clients
     ‣ Seniors

All Chasing Fitness personal trainers have certifications in fitness and are CPR certified. The Chasing Fitness facility provides a clean, professional environment designed specifically for personal training.